Sunday, November 23, 2008

French Pony Insructions

Supplies needed:
Comb, Spray bottle, small elastics
If your girl has more hair than my baby does you can use the small rubber bands or reusable elastics. I like these ones but the only draw back is they are not reusable! If you try to use them again the break! I always carry extras in my purse in case a hairband falls out or breaks.

First part the hair down the middle. With the comb make a straight line for each pony.
As you go along connect each pony into the next.

Keep connecting all the way down.

Here's a front view. (forgive my bad lighting!)

And the top view.

Ok, I know it's not exactily even and some of the pictures are a bit fuzzy but I think she did very well holding still for a 3 month old! Don't you?! And look, her hair in the front is starting to grow in! She was born with a lot of hair but NOTHING in the front!

If yyou want to add a clip I just slide it under the last ponyjust before the last hair band, that way it doesn't pull her hair or fall out too easy.

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