Sunday, November 30, 2008

Side Ponies

With babies, I always do their hair on the top of the head only. Otherwise it will get messed up in the car seat, or napping, or pretty much doing anything.

Here's another top hair only do! For this one you do the first pony off to the side, the second in the middle and the 3rd off to the other side. (all the ponies are connected)

Front view

Top view

Other top view
(no she did not hold very still today.)


Melinda said...

She has so much hair! SO cute! One day my bald little girl will be able to do that!

Maddie Girl said...

I will think hairy thought for your babies head Melinda!

The Lyman Family said...

I kinda stumbled onto your blog...I had to laugh because we have a lot in common... I said some VERY similar things about my 3 boys and only DD on my daughter's hair blog. check it out at "