Sunday, January 4, 2009

3 Ponies on Top

We're back! It's been a VERY busy last few months between sick kids, my full time job and trying to start my business!

Anyway, on to the do!

Supplies needed:

Make your parts. I find it's easier to get them straight if you make the center pony parts even with the middle of the eyes.

Then do your side ponies. I have noticed that she suddenly has more hair on her left side than the right so it looks a little more crooked. :-(

( I know it's a bit fuzzy, still waiting to get a better camera!)

Now you have an easy, cute do! But I don't like her hair sticking up like that so I add a few twists to keep the ponies flat!


Amy said...

hey! I was just directed to your blog! i have a 2 month old with a ton of hair, and you have given me so many great ideas! i tried little messy buns on top today (posted pics), and they were ok, but i love what you have done! your daughter is adourable! (i have 4 boys thena girl... looks like you have 3 older boys??)

Maddie Girl said...

Amy, Congratulations on your girl! I know how excited you must be after 4 boys! Yes, Maddie has 3 older brothers.

Mrs. said...


This is mindy from Sorry I took forever to get back to you--thanks for linking to me. I added your link today. Cute baby!