Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fancy Water Spout

For this water spout make your ponies in the front and sides, then pull them into the water spout. Easy and cute!

Front View


Hair Between my Fingers said...

I started my own blog and I love your work. I would love it if you could add my blog as on of your "other hairblogs". www.hairbetweenmyfingers.blogspot.com

Fiery said...

Absolutely love what you have been doing with your daughters hair. It has made me want to do more with my daughters hair. Knowing how much you can do with your daughters just shows me how much fun I was missing out on. Now granted I couldn't have done anything with her hair till about 6mos or so but still.

I would love to add a button to your site if you have one. I know ton of mom's with young little girls that would be inspired by all the things you do with your daughters hair.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Kristi said...

I'm glad my baby's hair is inspiring to you! I especially enjoy the baby dos because it's so different than everyone else's!

Feel free to link me to as many people you want! I'll work on getting a button up later in the week when I have more time.

Amy said...

super cute! thanks for a new idea! i think carringtons hair may be long enough to try that!!!

brittaney banks said...

I love your baby hair do's! Ive been referring back to this blog since my little Courtaney barley had enough hair to do a few puffy braids but now her hairs grown a little bit more and Ive gotten better at it and its so much fun to get creative with it and do my own variations. But I always come back to here for insporation. Thanks for sharing all your ideas because Im not sure Im quite that ambitious or would want to share all your tricks and styles but good on you for sharing! Lol... Maddie is precious. My Courtaney and her look very alike so when i first saw what you had done with Maddie I was able to see it on Courty very easily. Your awsome.