Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Side Piggies

It's been a little too long since you've seen any of Maddie's do's! She is getting so big and her hair is finally growing on the back and sides! She's also mobile now! Crawling everywhere! It's getting increasingly difficult, not only to fix her hair, but to get good shots of it! Even on her most wiggly days though she still gets her hair done, whether it's just one little spout on top or pig tails.

We didn't do step by step instructions because she's too wiggly for that today! (see, and you though it was just your baby that wouldn't hold still! :-)

Start by wetting down the hair, make a box of the hair on the top of the head then part that off into 3 sections and make your ponies. Very simple, very sweet, and very easy on a wiggly princess! You can spice it up with adding a few twists to the ponies, french braiding them. or even braiding the ponies as well.

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