Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Hair Clips

Today I'm going to show you how to make adorable baby clips! For these clips you will need ribbon, little flowers, a glue gun, and little clips.

Step one: Cut the ribbon to the size of the clip, for this just fold it around. Burn the edges (optional) to keep it from fraying.

Open the clip and insert ribbon, snap clip shut. Make a line of glue down the length of the ribbon and fold over clip. Notice that you have covered all of the clip except for the little clippy part on the back. (my camera seems to not like close ups of small things. Sorry, this is the best pic that I can get.)

Put your little flowers and decorate as you want. On these I put little rhinestones as added bling.

And Voila, you have an adorable clip for your little princess!

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baby gifts said...

Simple and looks fun to make. Most of my friends have baby girls so I think I'll be working on making many of this clips for Christmas. =)