Thursday, May 21, 2009

Side Swiped French Braid

Today I had the pleasure of playing around with my neighbors daughters hair. For this do, you braid it the same way as any french braid, the only difference is that you do it on the side of the head.

Start with a side part.

Braid the side of the head where you want the braid to fall first,

once you have reached the end of the part then slowly gather in the rest of the hair.
Continue down the side till you have all the hair braided. If you end up with a line like the one here just comb it out.


Cox Family said...

Who in the world is that beautiful girl? What a lucky mom to have her;-)

It really looks great, and so easy!

Maddie GIrl said...

Yes Evelyn, she is beautiful. We'll have to have her come over again to do some more styles. Just let me know when ever you want anything done.

Zajcha said...

It's Zajcha from Herbie Hair by Zajcha. I'm 12 and have just started following all the hair blogs and adapt quite a few of your hair do's to suite me (as I'm older). I think the hair and models are gorgeous.
Anyway I was hoping you'd do me a favour and link my site

I found your site and others using these links and I'd appreciate it a lot. Cheers!

Many Thanks

loved the last do'