Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shoe Lace Piggies

My neighbors little girl came over for me to play with her hair again. Remember this one? Well, I wanted to show you how to do it on an older child.

Today I have take one on this!

You're going to do it the same way as you do this one. You can either use just the hair on the top as we did, or all the hair in the front.

Take the first section of hair and make your first pony. (sorry for the fuzz)

Now you're going to split that pony in 2 and then make a part right in the middle of the pony.

Make 2 sections and make them into small ponies.

Now, you're going to make 1 section again and bring the 2 ponies into it.

End it off with one more set of 2. Now you can either leave it down like this or keep on going! :-)

Make a straight part down the rest of the head. (be sure to line the part with the middle of the ponies) and pull them into low piggies.

1 comment:

Cox Family said...

That really turned out cute...the top is so adorable with the design!!