Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wormy Up Do

Ok, this is getting to be the base for my favorite up do's right now. There's really no end to the creative things you can do from this base.

Start by parting off a circle on the top back of the head, leave about 2 to 3 inches out all the way around.Next, take the sections, starting in the front and working to the back, and twist them into worms. Go all the away around. Fasten each worm into the hair band. (I actually cheated and put a small elastic around each worm to help hold them tight.) To make a worm you just twist the hair till it bunches up. You can make the worms as tight or as loose as you would like.)

Normally I would get the hair really wet to insure perfectly straight parts but since we were going to curl it I left if dry. I also fingered off each section for a more messy look with the messy bun and the worms.

Then we curled the pony tail a bit to make wavy curls.

We finished up with a messy bun! (if you can't do a messy bun use a sock, We'll do a sock tutorial later) This would also be adorable with a wormy bun instead!