Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Curl Slime!

Ok, for those of you who don't know me personally I am big into natural products right now. All 4 of my children have severe eczema, the oldest child I have been told may be more psoriasis rather than eczema. Myself, I am very limited to the commercial products that I can use due to allergies to the ingredients. So, when ever I recommend a products, it's something that I would and do use on myself and my kids.

Over the past few months I have actually been making my own lotions, all natural. You can find them here. Because of those lotions (alone with natural soaps) all my kids, even the oldest, finally have that baby smooth skin!

So, now to the curl slime. I call it slime because, well, it looks like slime! Now, before you get all grossed out by the idea of using Flax slime in your, or your child's, hair you've gotta try it!

You need: Flax Seed, you can get it at just about any food store.
Boil 1/4 cup flax seed with 1 cup water till it's nice and slimy
See the slime oozing off the spatula?


Use the slimy juice as a curl gel! It fells no slimier than putting hair gel in wet hair.

Does need to be stored in the refrigerator. Should be able to be stored for about 3 to 4 days.

Maddie's big brother has BIG curls! This is what he looks like with nothing in them.
We've tried using curling products but they actually made his curls even more unmanageable! We've just been adding water but when it dies this is what it goes back to.

After adding just a small amount of Flax Slime to his dry hair this is what we get
And the best part is that his curls stay like this all day (until his nap that is).

I've even been using it on myself lately because I have semi curly hair (the hairs on the top of my head are straighter while the hairs underneath are more curly) and I LOVE it! I now use it every day and don't feel like I have to pull it back to go out.

Also THERE'S NO CHEMICAL BUILD UP! If I go to sleep with it in I wake up to my hair actually softer than it was the day before!


SugarandSpice said...

I know how you feel! My oldest has psoriasis and my youngest has eczema. I am totally going to go look into those lotions! Cute curls by the way! Thanks for sharing.

Dreamer13 said...

I can't believe I haven't found your blog until now! I LOVE it! and I make this hair gel too! I also made a post about it on my blog! hehe - anyway, I just had to say I love your blog and I'll be checking back often! :)