Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Braided Pig Tails

Ok, you may have noticed by now I have an obsession with both braids, pig tails, and having more than 1 way to dress up a single hair do!

Remember our braided pig tails and braids we did a while ago? Well, here's another spin off!

You'll have to bear with explanations only on the first few steps, I accidentally deleted a few pics!

Start by making a straight part down the middle. When ever doing any kind of braid or pig tail, whatever, I like to pull one half into a pig tail while doing to other side to keep the part from getting messed up.

Take a small section every inch or so and braid it.

Take the braids and hold them off to one side while you form the pig tails. (this way you can get a smooth pony without any bumps)

Connect all the braids into the pigtails
It takes a few minutes with all the little braids but it's a great way to dress up any old pig tails!

Not into just pig tails? Try this one instead? This also works great in a puffy braid!

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Dede said...

Very cute!!

Amy said...

I love this one! I don't think I've seen anyone else do it.