Thursday, August 20, 2009

Head Band Hold Down

Zay has been asking me for a while to just do a simple head band so today we did. Well, ok, it's not just a head band but now we are both happy with it. You may remember Girly Do's Head Band Hold Down that she posted a while ago. This is our version of it.

We made 5 pony tails on the top, put the head band over, and connected them with the hair just behind the head band.

Now, to keep the head band from slipping off the back of the head you want to keep a small amount out of the head band,
then take a small omount from the band and connect them into a pony.

Twist it under to keep it from sticking out through the hair.

Style, and you're all done!


jennifer said...

That is BEAUTIFUL! I love it!

AbBaThA said...

way cute i love it babesinhairland also have a headband hold down think sort of like this!