Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shoe Lace Piggies

This is Za, my little day care girl. Yesterday we did my double shoe lace piggies.

Now, you may remember we've posted a few different options for this already. We have the baby shoe lace piggies, and the this one here. Today, we're doing a 3rd option for the same thing!

You're going to make a part down the middle.

Make your first pony as close to the middle of the head as you can.

For the second set you want to make the part even with the hair band.

3rd row is all in the middle. (one pony)

4th row is split again.
Repeat down the other side.

Top View

Now, you can leave it down like this and it looks adorable, or you can do what we did and pull it up into pigtails!

1 comment:

SugarandSpice said...

I bet she loves copming to your house and getting her hair done! I have noticed that the other little girls in my neighborhood love to come over and get their hair done! Every time they always ask for something fancy!!!