Thursday, September 17, 2009

Funky Spunky Messy Tessy

Za Has been asking me to do "something crazy" in her hair. She's a hair puller, so she was very happy with this because she can pull at her hair all she wants and she can't mess it up!

Normally, on any hair do you want to start with clean parts. If your parts are messy your do will look messy too. Sometimes though, you want that messy look so you want uneven parts. For uneven parts I find it's best to part with your fingers! (an usual no-no!)

Slightly dampen the hair, while we want a messy look we don't want the elastics to tangle in the hair. Damp hair doesn't tangle as much as dry hair. Brush out tangles.

To make the pony tails stand up you want to pull the hair straight up while putting in the elastics.

With your fingers pull up one small pony at the top of the head.

Work your way all around the top of the head, no rhyme or reason to the placement of the ponies. A you can see I added the front ponies to a side one the keep them out of her face.

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Cox Family said...

Really, really cute!!