Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Give Away!

Here's a give away of a different sort! I know that we normally do hair related give aways but don't all of our hair junkie moms deserve a giveaway just for them? :-)

Sego Lily Naturals is hosting this give away for us! Pretty easy to enter! Just go on over to Sego Lily Naturals and follow them, that's all there is to it! All new followers will get a free lotion and perfume sample! Choose from Jasmine Oasis, Rose Garden, and Lavender Fields for the perfume, lotions are all one scent. No strings attached! Once you have become a follower just leave a comment here stating so and email to kristiceron at yahoo dot com with your name, address and perfume choice, and your free sample will be in the mail!

Sego Lily Naturals only uses 100% natural products, never any harsh synthetic ingredients. Everything is also hand crafted to ensure that your products are of top quality. All ingredients are carefully chosen and must be made in the USA.


AbBaThA said...

i am following your sego lily blog!!!

AbBaThA said...

i follow sego lily but this is a different person then the one above we are best friends and share a blog identity