Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Braided Flower Girl

I've had this big obsession with braids lately. I've gotten pretty good at it again though I still need a ton of practice! (especially on the fancy ones that you have to turn them like these!)

To start a braided Flower Girl do you want to start by making 5 equal ponytails on the top of the head. The placement is totally up to you whether to start with a middle part or put the top petal in the middle of the head.
When you're ready to start braiding make an L part in the section. The L is where you are going to turn the braid. Leave about 1 inch of hair at the bottom of the L. Braid each one into a flower petal. When you're going around the L you want to take the hair from the outside only. That will allow you to turn it without the braid getting all messed up. Here's another view of them all braided together.
Pull all the braids back into a hairband. Form that into a bun. Slightly curl out the wispy ends of the flower. You can always tuck them under if you don't like all the extra fluff covering the flowers. The side views.
And, a nice front view.


Cox Family said...

I REALLY like this!! But bear with me, I'm hair incompetent...what happens to the 1-inch of hair you left at the bottom? Does that get braided in when you're doing the turn?

Maddie Girl Hair Do's said...

THe hair that you leave down in the L part does get braided, that's where you turn the braid (again taking the hair from the bottom only)

I will try later to get a video of it.