Monday, October 12, 2009

Hair blogger of the month

There's so many great hair blogs out there. Every month we're going to start "showcasing" a Hair Blogger of the Month. Send me a comment of your favorite blogger and your favorite do on their site and at the end of each month I give them "Top Priority" on my list of blogger friends.

You will have till the 3rd Sat of each month to get your submissions in! (for Oct that's next sat, the 24th!) To submit just leave me a comment, that way everyone can view all of my wonderful followers favorite dos! And to make it more fun, when the blogger winner is announced you can even submit your dos from the winner and we'll be sure to link them to that blog!

1 comment:

AbBaThA said...

i love babesinhairland! she always has the cutest hairdos! i think a couple of my favorites are:twists and curlformers, all of the hawser braids and wrap around with little braids!