Friday, October 2, 2009


This hair do is all about the twists! Start by parting off the top section of hair. Your going to divide that into triangle sections. Hold the hair straight up and twist it. Each twist should go toward the thickest part of the triangle. Up can use hairbands or bobby pins to hold the twists. (bobby pins may hold it tighter.)

Back view. We have all but about 2 to 3 inches of hair all around the head up in the twists.
Other side. Every twist should go the opposite direction.
Now, take the rest of the hair, along with the ponies from the top twists, and twist them into a rope braid.
Connect the rope braids from both sides.

Twist the pony tail into another rope braid.
Now, you're going to twist that up sort of like a topsy tail.
Take a bobby pin (or 2) and pin it up so it doesn't fall out.

Front view
Top View
Finished side views

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