Friday, October 23, 2009

Winner of Hair Blogger of the Month!

This month's Hair Blogger of the Month is Babes in Hair Land!

Here's the submission that won it for her!

AbBaThA said...

i love babesinhairland! she always has the cutest hairdos! i think a couple of my favorites are:twists and curlformers, all of the hawser braids and wrap around with little braids!

So, The Mom, I'll email you the code for the button that you can add to your blog till the end of November!

Now for the fun part. This month's hair challenge will be for each of you to do your favorite BAHL do and email it to me! I'll get it added as part of our spotlight on Babes in Hairland!


Terresa said...

Congrats to the winner! I love hair blogs!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice !!!

Nicer said...

Nice site

Como peinar said...

Congrats to the winners , bestiful blog