Thursday, December 17, 2009

Donations needed for a family.

Update 2-
There are 5 kids, ages 16 (girl) 13, (girl) 11 (boy), 6 (boy) and 4 (girl)
  • Rick (Father): wears a 2XL shirt, 42 X 30 jeans and a size 13 shoe.
  • Jennifer (Mother): wears a 26-28 shirt, 26 pants and a size 9 shoe.
  • Ausha (16), female: wears a 22-24 shirt, 24 pants and a size 10 shoe. She likes drawing, alternative music and stuffed animals.
  • Robin (13), female: wears a 18-20 shirt, 16 pants and a size 10 shoe. She likes drawing and board games.
  • Eric (11), male: wears a size L shirt, 34 pants and a size 8 (Mens) shoe. He likes video games and Bakguan.
  • Alex (6), male: wears a size 5 shirt, 4T pants and a size 4 shoe. He likes video games and Bakguan.
  • Rebecca (4), female: wears a size 3T shirt, 3T pants and a size 12 shoe. She like Barbies.

** Update**
A friend of mine is working with toys for tots. The Marines will be delivering toys. If we can still get clothing donations that will be awesome!
Thanks again Amber for getting Toys for Tots in on this!

A family close to where I live has just lost their home due to a fire. Not only is this fire a devastating loss to the family but they lost a 9 year old child as well due to complications of the H1N1 virus just before Halloween. The mother had mentioned that all the kids Christmas gifts have also been lost in the fire. Their two children, ages 4 (girl) and 13 (boy) were home at the time but managed to escape unharmed.
You can view the news article here.

I am putting together a clothing and to y drive for the kids to be delivered on Christmas Eve. You can also send any donations to the family directly to Jennifer (Kitchen) Kuesters father STEVEN KITCHEN at 155 East 800 South Orem, 84059

The children are a 4 year old girl and a 13 year old girl.

I am asking for donation of new or gently used clothing, new toys and books, blankets, coats, etc. If you would like to bring them to me email me at kristiceron at yahoo dot com and I will send you my address.

I have emailed to the family and am waiting a response for clothing and shoe sizes. I will update this post when I get that information.


Anonymous said...

The family actually has more children then just the two girls. Here is some additional information from KSL. The childrens ages/names are 16 F "Ausha" / 13 F "Robin" / 12 M "Eric" / 6 M "Alex" / and 4 F "Rebecca".

Anonymous said...

My sister is in the neighborhood and is doing a sub for santa thing for them that she has coordinated with the bishop as well.

Anonymous said...

Please be aware that according to the brother in law, Benjamin Heward, there are more than just two kids.
This is what he posted on the comment board at
"The account Set up in in the name of "Jennifer Kuester" and it is at Alpine Credit Union(s) # 557567

Please Direct Donations to that account.

Also, donations can be mailed to PO Box 1390, Orem UT 84059
To Benjamin Heward c/o Jennifer Kuester

Gifts/Donations can be dropped off at Steven Kitchens Home
155 East 800 South Orem UT 84058

Or Donations can be accepted through PayPal by "Send Money" to


There is may be a big response.... and we really dont have any organized way to know who will give what.... so a donation of funds may be best.

The childrens ages 7 names are 16 F "Ausha" / 13 F "Robin" / 12 M "Eric" / 6 M "Alex" / and 4 F "Rebecca"."

Anonymous said...

KSL just updated with more information.

jennifer said...

I hope that their needs were met in time for Christmas. Prayers for that family. I just can't imagine.