Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Out for a while :-(

I'm out of bloggin for a while. I went to take some pics today and my camera isn't working at all! (well it is but the pics are all green and red) So, till I get a new camera I'm out. I do have my eye on a NICE digital SLR! I've actually been drooling over that camera for weeks now since I started using my film SLR again. You just can not compare the quality of the pics on my Sony Cybersh*t! Then I can post clearer instruction pics too! :-)

I'm back! One of my day care kids threw my camera and fixed it! Big relief because now I can wait to buy my new camera!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Half Drop Puffy Braids

I didn't do step by steps but this one is pretty self explanatory. Do your puffy braid but only connect half of the pony into the next one! I know, this style is a bit old for a baby but I don't have any hair moddels anymore!

Let's see what you all can do with this one!