Wednesday, May 27, 2009

3 Side Piggies

It's been a little too long since you've seen any of Maddie's do's! She is getting so big and her hair is finally growing on the back and sides! She's also mobile now! Crawling everywhere! It's getting increasingly difficult, not only to fix her hair, but to get good shots of it! Even on her most wiggly days though she still gets her hair done, whether it's just one little spout on top or pig tails.

We didn't do step by step instructions because she's too wiggly for that today! (see, and you though it was just your baby that wouldn't hold still! :-)

Start by wetting down the hair, make a box of the hair on the top of the head then part that off into 3 sections and make your ponies. Very simple, very sweet, and very easy on a wiggly princess! You can spice it up with adding a few twists to the ponies, french braiding them. or even braiding the ponies as well.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Before we get started, I added a guest book to my blog! So go down to the very bottom and sign my guest book!

Now on to the tangles! Almost every mom knows the battle of brushing out tangles. I remember as a kid I had very ratty hair. It would tangle up just by me shaking my head.

The first, and probably most important thing you can do to defeat the tangle starts in the shower. If you're using a kids 2 in1 shampoo and you're battling the morning brush, it's time to throw out that baby shampoo and switch to regular shampoo AND conditioner.

After shampooing put the conditioner and comb it through. This will take out about 90% of all the tangles right there, and with the conditioner in the hair the tangles will just slide out which will also protect against breakage.

For brushing through dry hair, you want to start by spraying your hair down with detangeling spray. Remember this tutorial on making your own detangling spray?

Ok, so now that you have the hair sprayed down pretty good it's time to start brushing. The first tendency is to start from the top and go down. You don't want to do this. If you start from the top you are more likely to just rat up the hair making the tangles tighter and harder to brush though. Instead, start from the BOTTOM and worrk you way up. You'll see with this video just how fast it really does go.

Friday, May 22, 2009

We have a hew hair blogger today! Zajcha is 12 and deos all ov her own styles on herself. Pretty impressive I must say! She blogs about all her do's! Go on over to Herbie Hair to check her out!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Side Swiped French Braid

Today I had the pleasure of playing around with my neighbors daughters hair. For this do, you braid it the same way as any french braid, the only difference is that you do it on the side of the head.

Start with a side part.

Braid the side of the head where you want the braid to fall first,

once you have reached the end of the part then slowly gather in the rest of the hair.
Continue down the side till you have all the hair braided. If you end up with a line like the one here just comb it out.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Another new hair blog!

This one comes from Meghan. She reminds me of myself at 15. I used to always do my nieces hair as well. She's got some pretty good do's for a 15 year old! So go check out Hair Reactions!

If anyone else has a blog that you would like me to add just leave a comment with a brief description and your URL! I'll be happy to link you up!

I've been very bad!

So, some how my husband blocked my regular email address (not on purpose though, neither of us can figure out how he did it or how to undo it) so today I went into my Google email to send him something. That's when I discovered that I've had email sitting there, unnoticed, since March! So, for those of you who emailed and thought that I was ignoring you I'm so sorry! I wouldn't do that on purpose! So, if you want to send me something it's best to use my regular email (kristiceron at yahoo dot com) but I will be checking my google at least every time I make a new post here!

Adding a new blog to the list!

I have an email (actually it was sent to me last month!) of a new hair blog! I have to tell you I am totally jealous of the length of her girls hair! (I know, Maddie will get there... in a few years... sigh...) Anyway, she has some really cute stuff so be sure to check out 3 Girls Hair!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Give Away!

Oh So Girly is doing a give away! a $10 Target gift card AND a set of Chunky Interchangable stretch Watch Bands! She has some adorable hair bows and clips as well so go check them out and get yourself entered!

Do's From You!

Ok, this month we're going to start posting viewer do's! Just send an email to me at kristiceron at yahoo dot com and label it Do's From You and keep an eye out because I will post them here. We'd love to see baby and big sis do's too! (it's important to label the email because if I don't recognize the email address then I just delete it.)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Give away

Here's a give away of a different sort. I know it's not hair related but thought you all might like to know anyway!

KFC is giving away free 2 piece roast chicken meals here!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Baby Hair Clips

Today I'm going to show you how to make adorable baby clips! For these clips you will need ribbon, little flowers, a glue gun, and little clips.

Step one: Cut the ribbon to the size of the clip, for this just fold it around. Burn the edges (optional) to keep it from fraying.

Open the clip and insert ribbon, snap clip shut. Make a line of glue down the length of the ribbon and fold over clip. Notice that you have covered all of the clip except for the little clippy part on the back. (my camera seems to not like close ups of small things. Sorry, this is the best pic that I can get.)

Put your little flowers and decorate as you want. On these I put little rhinestones as added bling.

And Voila, you have an adorable clip for your little princess!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Vote For Maddie!!!

I have Maddie in a photo contest! Go over to Bumps and Bundles and vote for Maddie! (she's # 8!)

The winner gets an AWESOME photo package! Go over and VOTE VOTE VOTE!

Double Zig Zag Half Piggies

Cathy came over again the other day and this is the do that her mom did. I though it was just adorable! We have 2 half piggies with a half zig zag part. So, for this one you do the first 2 with a zig zag part to the ears, then a straight part to about half way to the back of the head.