Monday, June 29, 2009

Contest Winner!

Sorry I'm a bit late on this. Saturday was quite the busy day! Thanks for all the response I got from this! I'll have to do another giveaway soon! This one was pretty close. I had 2 viewers that sent in pics and tips, invited someone to follow and signed my guest book.

The top 2 viewers in this were Amber with 35 points and Abbie with 45 points! So, just because I'm in such a generous mood today I'm going to give a prize to both of you fabulous hair junkies! So, Abbie and Amber, email me your addresses and your prize pics!

Do's From You

This one comes From Abbie. This is a great do for keeping bangs out of the face and can be worn anywhere! Love the bow that she added! You can find it here. (Thanks for the Link Abby.)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Tips From You

This tip comes from Abbie.

Abbie says:
only use a size of a dime of shampoo and conditioner my hairstylist told me that too little wont work and too much makes your hair greasy!

Thanks for that tip Abbie. I'll have to try to get my husband to start using less. His hair tends to get greasy if he doesn't wash every day. Mine on the other hand get DRY!

Do's From You

This one comes from Amber in the great state of Oregon! Why is Or so great? I grew up mostly along the OR/ Wash coast! I love my home now but sometime I just miss the rain! I know most of you think I'm pretty crazy right about now but I really do love rain! I just get so much energy and want to go running in it.

Anyway, here what Amber has to say. She's sharing a hair tip with us today!

My TIP is to use Detangler Spray ALWAYS!! The days I forget her hair is So hard to brush out and also gets very frizzy and lots of stray hairs when I do any kind of do!!

And here's her darling do that she did on her daughter! Very cute Amber! Love the details with the braids!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shoe Lace Piggies

My neighbors little girl came over for me to play with her hair again. Remember this one? Well, I wanted to show you how to do it on an older child.

Today I have take one on this!

You're going to do it the same way as you do this one. You can either use just the hair on the top as we did, or all the hair in the front.

Take the first section of hair and make your first pony. (sorry for the fuzz)

Now you're going to split that pony in 2 and then make a part right in the middle of the pony.

Make 2 sections and make them into small ponies.

Now, you're going to make 1 section again and bring the 2 ponies into it.

End it off with one more set of 2. Now you can either leave it down like this or keep on going! :-)

Make a straight part down the rest of the head. (be sure to line the part with the middle of the ponies) and pull them into low piggies.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Give Away!

Ribbon Flower

Butterfly Clips, set of 2

Choice of Mary Jane or spots

Big gerger daisy and headband

Choice of my new very adorable very frilly, very girly headband (don't worry, you can trim the frill to your liking) and 1 of the above flowers or bows, or 3 flower or bow sets.

The person with the most points wins. Here's how to earn points.

1- Follow my blog (new followers) 5 points

2- If you're already following invite someone else to follow, have them leave a comment stating you directed them to me, 10 points each!

3- Sign my guest book, 5 points.

4- Email me a picture of a do that you've done (seen here or not!) to kristiceron at yahoo dot com, 10 points

5- Email a hair tip to the same email address, anything that you do that makes doing your daughter's hair just that much easier. 5 points

I will tally up all the points Saturday the 27th!

Head Band Instruction

Supplies Needed: Tulle, sheer ribbon. For the tulle I used an 18 inch wide strip. If you use the 6 inch wide rolls just use 2 or 3 strips

Braid the tulle and ribbon together.
Tie it off to the size of the head.

For decoration I wrapped the extra tulle around my hand
Then tied it off with the ribbon

Add a few more strips of ribbon (I used a pen to push it under the tied ribbon) Tie it down so it doesn't pull off.

Then you can leave it like this or cut the puff to the size you want!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Side Part Puffy Braid Pigtails

Long name but that's exactly what this do is!

Start off with making a side slant part. You'll have to play around with it a little to make sure that you have the same amount of hair on both sides of the head.

Next, take the section with the most hair in the front and section off the front into a small pony tail. Continue down that side.
For the other side do one piggy in the front, one in the back, and connect them in the middle.
Here's how it should look from the top.

And if you're wondering how I keep her still, I don't! It takes a lot of patience to do my babies hair! You may notice in the pictures the mess she's making of everything! But look at that sweet face! It's so worth the extra time! (and the extra picking up after)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Give Away

Mindy from Adopt A Do has a pretty cool give away going on! She's got several options on how to enter and a few different prizes too!

Check her out here! Adopt A Do

Baby Head Band

Today I was in a huge hurry and wanted to do something simple, other than the old pig tails or waterspout. (not like I have too many options on her hair yet though) So I took a piece of tulle and 2 sheer ribbons and made this cute little headband!

What do you think? Cute or too big? Do you want instructions on how to make it?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Modern Baby Piggies

I guess this is sort of the newer way of making pig tails on babies. I've seen it quite a bit lately. This style is more for babies with shorter hair but could easily be adapted to do for toddlers or girls with longer hair.

Very simple and quick, it took me less than 2 minutes!

To start, make a part from side to side just in front of the ears.

Next, take the back section and part down the middle and form your pig tails.

Last take the front of the hair and part to the side.
Finish it off with a quick spray of hair spray (optional) to keep the frizzies off.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wormy Up Do

Ok, this is getting to be the base for my favorite up do's right now. There's really no end to the creative things you can do from this base.

Start by parting off a circle on the top back of the head, leave about 2 to 3 inches out all the way around.Next, take the sections, starting in the front and working to the back, and twist them into worms. Go all the away around. Fasten each worm into the hair band. (I actually cheated and put a small elastic around each worm to help hold them tight.) To make a worm you just twist the hair till it bunches up. You can make the worms as tight or as loose as you would like.)

Normally I would get the hair really wet to insure perfectly straight parts but since we were going to curl it I left if dry. I also fingered off each section for a more messy look with the messy bun and the worms.

Then we curled the pony tail a bit to make wavy curls.

We finished up with a messy bun! (if you can't do a messy bun use a sock, We'll do a sock tutorial later) This would also be adorable with a wormy bun instead!