Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lady Bug Hair

Maddie is going as a lady bug this year and what's cuter than a ladybug with little antennas? Maddie WILL NOT wear antennas so I did her hair into them! Very simple, just make 2 quarter pigs on top and stick them straight up! (I just used water to hold them up, a glitter gel would be cute if the baby isn't going to be eating her hair) This is best on short hair.

(forgive my parts, we're not used to morning kindergarten so I just threw it all together!)

Princess Hair

Today was the Kindergarten Halloween party. I saw this girl and just HAD to get pics of her hair! It was just too cute to pass up!

Start by making a pony tail on the top (leave the front and sides down)
Twist the top pony tail up and wrap it around into a cinnamon roll type bun.
Twist up the sides and pin down with bobby pins.

Curl up the back
And there you have the perfect princess do! Isn't she just adorable!

(and a BIG thanks to her mom for letting my post her do! She is so adorable!)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Would it be a pain if I....

Changed the name of this blog to Maddie Girl Hair dos? The whole Maddie Girl Fashions started when I was doing my hair bows and tutus but then just went full on hair dos only.

So, before I did anything I wanted to see what all of you viewers think. Would it be too much of a pain (for me and you) if I changed the name of the blog?

Heart Beat Part with Stuffed Buns

For today's do we have a halloweenish Heart Beat Part. (this is sort of like a zig zag part, just a little more heart beat ish) So you're going to draw this

into your part like this.
Pull it into pigtails and finish it off with Shaunell's Stuffed Buns.
And there you have it. A halloweenish hair do in less than 5 minutes!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Winner of Hair Blogger of the Month!

This month's Hair Blogger of the Month is Babes in Hair Land!

Here's the submission that won it for her!

AbBaThA said...

i love babesinhairland! she always has the cutest hairdos! i think a couple of my favorites are:twists and curlformers, all of the hawser braids and wrap around with little braids!

So, The Mom, I'll email you the code for the button that you can add to your blog till the end of November!

Now for the fun part. This month's hair challenge will be for each of you to do your favorite BAHL do and email it to me! I'll get it added as part of our spotlight on Babes in Hairland!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Blogger of the Month

Don't forget to get you submissions for my Hair Blogger of the month! Go here to submit your nominations. The winning hair blogger will get this cute little button to add to their blog!

Confessions of a good mom

Hey moms! I want to get as much attention on this as I can so I'm posting it here. I've started this blog as an inspiration to moms! I want comments from moms about what makes you a good mom. My goal is to turn these comments into a book that will be made by moms for moms! Please check it out and leave comments to be posted! Confessions of a Good mom.

I have a button on the side of my blog that you can click on any time to visit it as well. I'd love it if you all because a follower and also left your own comment about what makes you a good mom. If you want to remain anonymous you can.

I'm excited about this new project of mine and hope that everyone enjoys it! Please feel free to pass the link along to every mom you know too! (at the moment the direct link to the site is not working, a blogger issue, but the link that I posted above is.) Please add my button to your blog.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Braided Flower Girl

I've had this big obsession with braids lately. I've gotten pretty good at it again though I still need a ton of practice! (especially on the fancy ones that you have to turn them like these!)

To start a braided Flower Girl do you want to start by making 5 equal ponytails on the top of the head. The placement is totally up to you whether to start with a middle part or put the top petal in the middle of the head.
When you're ready to start braiding make an L part in the section. The L is where you are going to turn the braid. Leave about 1 inch of hair at the bottom of the L. Braid each one into a flower petal. When you're going around the L you want to take the hair from the outside only. That will allow you to turn it without the braid getting all messed up. Here's another view of them all braided together.
Pull all the braids back into a hairband. Form that into a bun. Slightly curl out the wispy ends of the flower. You can always tuck them under if you don't like all the extra fluff covering the flowers. The side views.
And, a nice front view.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Hair blog

I'd like to welcome Redpunzel to the world of hair blogging! She's juat started out but has some great dos!

Click here to check her out!

(I should be back later today or tomorrow with a new do!)

And while you're here don't forget to nominate your Hair Blogger of the Month!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dry skin care

Ok, I know this isn't exactly hair related but I thought it was worth passing along.

As a kid I had terrible eczema, now my kids have it too. Like most people I sort of outgrew the rashes. I now just get terribly dry patches all over (especially on the back of my shoulder where I can't reach it to put lotion!)

I have recently found a product that is already in most pantries that is a great defense against even my driest skin!

I've been using honey as a facial for the past year now and was recently reading about the benefits of honey on the skin. Not only is honey anit-bacterial and anti-fungal, it also acts as a protective barrier for the skin locking essential moisture in and the contanimants and free-radicals out.

What I do is just take a cup of honey in the shower with me (about 1/4 cup is all you need) after your shower just rub it all over your body. You can be wet or dry, it is pretty hard to rub into dry skin though, rinse off, no need for soap after. You can follow up with lotion if needed.

For the bath, just add about 2 to 3 tbs of hones to the bath water and soak in it. Again, no need to rinse off after.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hair blogger of the month

There's so many great hair blogs out there. Every month we're going to start "showcasing" a Hair Blogger of the Month. Send me a comment of your favorite blogger and your favorite do on their site and at the end of each month I give them "Top Priority" on my list of blogger friends.

You will have till the 3rd Sat of each month to get your submissions in! (for Oct that's next sat, the 24th!) To submit just leave me a comment, that way everyone can view all of my wonderful followers favorite dos! And to make it more fun, when the blogger winner is announced you can even submit your dos from the winner and we'll be sure to link them to that blog!

Update on my Mermaid Tail

My friend over at Cutie Pie Hair Creations has just made a video on how to do my Mermaid Tail that I posted back at the beginning of this year. So for any of you that need extra instructions go on over to here to view the video.

Go here to view the tutorial.

Friday, October 2, 2009


This hair do is all about the twists! Start by parting off the top section of hair. Your going to divide that into triangle sections. Hold the hair straight up and twist it. Each twist should go toward the thickest part of the triangle. Up can use hairbands or bobby pins to hold the twists. (bobby pins may hold it tighter.)

Back view. We have all but about 2 to 3 inches of hair all around the head up in the twists.
Other side. Every twist should go the opposite direction.
Now, take the rest of the hair, along with the ponies from the top twists, and twist them into a rope braid.
Connect the rope braids from both sides.

Twist the pony tail into another rope braid.
Now, you're going to twist that up sort of like a topsy tail.
Take a bobby pin (or 2) and pin it up so it doesn't fall out.

Front view
Top View
Finished side views