Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fancy Half Up (long Hair)

Here's the longer version of my Fancy Half Up .

Start the same as the shorter version, take the top section and make it into a twist. Secure with a bobby pin then add a barrette for extra hold and to give it the extra bling!
(I know it's too low in this pic but I fixed it! That pic just didn't torn out. You want it at the bottom of the twist)

Take the front sections and flat iron to smooth away any bumps. Twist while pulling back to prevent bumps in the twist.

Pull the first front section UNDER the barrette and pin down on the opposite side.

The second section sounds tricky but it's not. You're going to twist it the same as the first but instead of going under you want to go OVER, then pull it under the first twist. The pics a bit fuzzy but you can see that I am using my fingers to pull it under the first twist section. Pin it in place.
Make sure that the twists don't cover up your barrette. Use a little spray to keep it in place.
Sorry, no front view of this one. I couldn't get a front pic of myself that I liked. It's about the same as the Short Version.


Dede said...

I LOVE your hair, it's so gorgeous!

Christy said...

Beautiful! I'd love it if you'd post more Momma-'dos! (I have almost waist-length, super-straight hair myself, and I'm always looking for new and different ways to "do" something with it... lol.)