Thursday, January 28, 2010

Today's do

I don't have instructions on this one. It's just a simple puffy braid. I know this isn't the first blog to post it either! I'm going to try to post a hair do every day! Some times it will just be a quick pic I snapped at the school or store, sometimes it will be something I did!

This is part of the ongoing 2010 blogger challenge to post at least 1 picture every day! (which I think I did 2 days in a row on my family blog before I forgot!) It's really been harder than I thought to remember to take a pic a day!

Anyway, here it is. My Do of the Day!She's getting so big! She's not the 2 month old baby she was when I did my first post! If only these pics showed off her funny personality and how much fun she really is!

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