Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baby Topsy Tails (redone)

Since I now have a camera that actually works I decided to redo this video! Same instructions as the old but better video quality. (now I just have to learn how to set the flash on the video mode!)


cassia said...

Neat! I am having a hair bow give away at my hair blog:
Would LOVE for you to enter!

Doug and Megan said...

I just wanted to say thank you for having baby hairdos on here! I was starting to wonder if anyone else had a baby with as much hair as mine:) I've had the hardest time doing cute things with her hair because her dark brown hair is now coming in blond underneath, so pig tails and such look funny because it looks like there's a huge bald spot in the back when it's actually just super light hair. I'll have to send you a picture sometime, I've never seen anything like it before. Thanks again!