Monday, April 19, 2010

Slow Going for a while

It's going to be sort of slow going for a while. My little blonde hair model is my day care girl. She's now down to one day a week for a few weeks and then we're moving. (after we move I should have access to my husband's little nieces though!) So, between the chaos of trying to plan a huge move and everything else it may be a while before my next post. Maybe I'll have to figure out some new mom dos!

So, this isn't goodbye, just more of a see ya later!


amber.hope said...

You should do more baby do's on your lil one! I love all her lil hair dos!!

Christy said...

Oo! Good luck with your move! More Mom-'dos are ALWAYS a good thing. Always. Yes they are.
(I can never figure out what to do with my own hair, in case you couldn't tell... lol)

Cox Family said...

What, you're moving?? I had no idea! When is the move?

Jill said...

Good luck with the move!