Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Baby Pig Tail

It's been too long since I've posted a hair do! I did this one on Maddie today. She was so excited to have her picture done again. She went right to get the camera and stood by the wall waiting.
I don't have step by step instructions on this one but it's very easy. I parted her hair and pulled the bangs to one side, put the bangs into an elastic and pulled that into the pigtail (the same method for the puffy braids)
She wouldn't let me get a picture of the back so I told her to stand like she was in time out. I forgot that for a baby this age they don't know the difference of "you're in trouble" and "stand like you're in trouble" Love those pouty lips! Can you tell she has a HUGE attitude?!!
Her hair is still not long enough for full pigtails so we just did half piggies. (her hair is sssooo curly!
The best top view that I could get on her.

I can't wait till she gets older! This is what her sisters hair looks like! I think hers will be the same.


Dreamer13 said...

adorable! and ya gotta love the curls! :D

amber.hope said...

Yay! Maddies back! I love the hairdos you do on her. She is about the same age as my oldest so it works perfect! Also my daughter has super curly hair like hers too.