Saturday, May 1, 2010

Upcycled Jeans 2: Cherry Blossom Hair clips

Remember our upcycled headband? Here's a take 2 on upcycled jeans for accessories! We made these adorable little cherry blossom flowers. They are super easy to make and super cute! You will need a pair of small scissors, needle, thread, and a pearl bead for the center.

Cut out 2 of the smallest flowers. Go here for the pattern.
Sew them together. You can find a video with instructions on sewing here. I attached the bead with a needle and thread, then glued it after for extra hold. Glue the flower onto your clip and you're done!
It would also be adorable with the full flower as seen on the video.

Stay tuned for more upcycled jeans accessories!

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